Those MH spreads:

The last of the mavericks.. Joel of Nutrifix. In Leon. In that there London.

The finished story will be appearing in the August issue of Mens Health.

A dinner of (micro) herbs.

The MH story continues..

In disused a air raid shelter 30m below Clapham High St.. one can hear you scream. Or see you wearing a beard net.

Street cred intact, we emerged with some of these.

Which led to one of these.

Hey kid..

Happy to be renewing a long standing relationship with Mens' Health. A feature titled 'Nutrition Mavericks' (I guess you'll have to read the piece) leads me to deepest darkest Dorset and the breeding ground for Cabrito goat. Took some pics of Cabrito founder James Whetlor and made a friend or two along the way.


Another job with the good people of TMPW. A day spent in Sainsbury's Coventry offices and on the shop floor in Rugby (insert Rugby factoids here). Pictured is the nice outside bit where you can have lunch.

As one ends, so one begins.

Work has already begun on the Wiltshire College 2019 Prospectus. Four days across four sites - Trowbridge, Chippenham, Lackham and Salisbury. Two down, two to go. Stonehenge featuring heavily on the drives to and fro. As are the podcasts of Adam Buxton:

It's a wrap.


Principle Photography for the Peter Symonds 2019 prospectus done, yes?

Also these guys:

Double Archie at The Station.

Glad to see the right hand image being used. Always my favourite.

Photo Studio. Home style.

Just about managed to squeeze the studio set up into the flat.

And then took it outside. Not the first time we've tried shooting up against the garage. Abandoned on the previous occasion due to wind. No not that sort.

Yep, we're photographing the bins.

University of Winchester. The Film.

University of Winchester promo. Shot last summer at the same time as the stills. Some familiar faces & locations if you check the pics in 'work'.

Surprise cameo at 1:47. 

Tetbury Police museum

Making work for something loosely titled 'The Idea of Things' or possibly 'A New Taxonomy of Photography' (work very much in progress), I found myself spending a couple of days in Tetbury (near Bath). The kind people of the police museum provided me with a vintage photo-fit system and a room to fiddle about in.

And yet.. more snow.

.. Which turned out to be an absolute gift for a project involving golf courses. More on that later.

The office today

University of Winchester 2019 Undergraduate Prospectus

A few spreads from the new prospectus. The last one always repeats. Don't know why.

Dog self portraits, and other things to do on a Sunday morning.

The start of a new project. This is our mobile studio in which we encourage/coercere/bribe dogs to photograph themselves. By biting/chewing/sitting/standing on or otherwise squishing a remote shutter release, a photograph is taken. Treats and squeaky toys help. Certain breeds are more cooperative than others. A survey of sorts.

And the actual f-olding board game. Nice.

Technically you could play this with the normal Monopoly accessories, should you feel so inclined.

The Smug Magazine Alt. Monopoly board

This is something John and I put together for Smug. There is an official Winchester version but I like to think this one's more.. accurate. Also it didn't cost £9k to get your name on the board. Just a degree of smugness..

New UoW website goes live

New website up and running. Lots of photography on there. Some mine, some not..

UoW Ads

Archie & Amelia up at the station..