'Cow Photo Finish' also up at The Link Gallery Oxford June to August.


'Dog Photographs' showing at the old fire station Oxford June/July 2019.




Screen grabs from Sainsbury's. With TMPW.

And a few from the graduation ceremony

Guest Starring Salisbury Cathedral

2019-20 Wiltshire College Prospectus

Alternative cover ideas for the 2020 UoW Prospectus

A few of the 'hero' images placed into the cover layout.

This year's offering

The Kerridge and I

Milla gets a taste of what behind the scenes looks like with Man U's Chris Smalling.

Yep, 10 people crammed into a tiny hotel room in Soho. Bubble. Burst.

and.. we made the cover of the local arts section so I guess I can retire now.

A Few From The Festival

It's that time of year again

About last night

Mark Hixon & Iain Steel at the launch of the renovated Chesil House.

Those Fast Streamers

From the Fast Stream Twitter feed:


On a whole number of levels, the rules just don't apply.

Frank & Crew. The Spreads.