Evidence of last year's travails on the walls of Wiltshire College. Snapped whilst shooting the 2020 prospectus. Which can now be considered done, yes?

Earlier, in salisbury.


Photogrammetry. Early Days.

i.e. not working

Editing Dog Photographs.

and also showing off new compootah. For the OFS show.


And catalogue to go with.

Proof only at this stage. A la Sarsen Press.


'Cow Photo Finish' also up at The Link Gallery Oxford June to August.


'Dog Photographs' showing at the old fire station Oxford June/July 2019.




Screen grabs from Sainsbury's. With TMPW.

And a few from the graduation ceremony

Guest Starring Salisbury Cathedral

2019-20 Wiltshire College Prospectus

Alternative cover ideas for the 2020 UoW Prospectus

A few of the 'hero' images placed into the cover layout.

This year's offering

The Kerridge and I

Milla gets a taste of what behind the scenes looks like with Man U's Chris Smalling.

Yep, 10 people crammed into a tiny hotel room in Soho. Bubble. Burst.

and.. we made the cover of the local arts section so I guess I can retire now.

A Few From The Festival