May 2018

Hey kid..

Happy to be renewing a long standing relationship with Mens' Health. A feature titled 'Nutrition Mavericks' (I guess you'll have to read the piece) leads me to deepest darkest Dorset and the breeding ground for Cabrito goat. Took some pics of Cabrito founder James Whetlor and made a friend or two along the way.


Another job with the good people of TMPW. A day spent in Sainsbury's Coventry offices and on the shop floor in Rugby (insert Rugby factoids here). Pictured is the nice outside bit where you can have lunch.

As one ends, so one begins.

Work has already begun on the Wiltshire College 2019 Prospectus. Four days across four sites - Trowbridge, Chippenham, Lackham and Salisbury. Two down, two to go. Stonehenge featuring heavily on the drives to and fro. As are the podcasts of Adam Buxton:

It's a wrap.


Principle Photography for the Peter Symonds 2019 prospectus done, yes?