Persuading dogs to photograph themselves, and other things you can do on a Sunday morning.

The start of a new project. This is our mobile studio in which we encourage/coercere/bribe dogs to photograph themselves. By biting/chewing/sitting/standing on or otherwise squishing a remote shutter release, a photograph is taken. Treats and squeaky toys are employed. Certain breeds are more cooperative than others. A survey of sorts. This is how Sunday mornings are currently spent.

And the actual f-olding board game. Nice.

Technically you could play this with the normal Monopoly accessories, should you feel so inclined.

The Smug Magazine Alt. Monopoly board

There is an official Winchester version but I like to think this one's more.. accurate. Also it didn't cost £9k to get your name on the board. Just a degree of smugness..

New UoW website goes live

New website up and running. Lots of photography on there. Some mine, some not..

UoW Ads

Archie & Amelia up at the station..

UoW Post Grads

Nice to see work made for the University of Winchester's post grad program finding it's way into the world..

Winchester Short Film Festival

The 2017 Winchester Short Film Festival! A week of amazing short film screenings in venues across town, rounded off with awards night to celebrate a truely international range of entries. A lot of fun. I was roped in for photo duties, a selection of which are here. Well done John Hayes. Hero.

University of Winchester

Banners starting to appear on campus. Good to see the photography incorporated into the new graphic design strategy. The full series can be viewed in 'Work'


Lots of work at The University of Winchester going on at the moment. Here's a few images from the Farebrother film shoot.

Farebrother provided the soundtrack for the university promo film being produced by Bold Creative and came to hang out in Winchester for the day. We shot stills and video around town and then back on campus, finishing off the day with an impromptu outdoor performance.

The Old Fire Station Oxford

A couple of installation shots of 'Self Portraits of Other People', on the wall again in Oxford.

This will be followed by participation in a group show, in aid of Crisis. Details to follow..

The PSC Prospectus is go!

Principle photography shot mainly in February & March of this year. There followed a world of post production for which I can only take minimal credit. Concept, design, production & basically everything that wasn't photography: The Burge. Photography: JB.


On location in Winchester Cathedral close. The University of Winchester rebrand. An exciting project and real pleasure to be working with Martin Orton of Bold Creative.

Smug #5 out now

The new Smug is out. Not without controversy, but that's what you get for messing with St Jane.

In anticipation of the full blown Monopoly (Winchester edition) included in issue 6, here are a couple of ads I put together. Just setting the tone..

Modern Art Oxford cont'd..

Many thanks to Modern Art Oxford and The Old Fire Station for organising Saturday's photography workshop. Feedback was positive! (That's what they're telling me..)

Behind the people you can see is a stadium full of people.

Modern Art Oxford

Lecture / Workshop tomorrow. Fully booked (but also free.. so.. you know)

Upcoming events at The Old Fire Station & Modern Art Oxford

Very glad to be running a two part workshop at The Old Fire Station and Modern Art Oxford:



Following that, 'Self Portraits of Other People' rears it's ugly head again (literally..!). Show runs from 26/07 to 16/10.


More here:

Smug Issue 4 out now!


And my contribution to the issue:

WSA Lecture

Coming up next week (Thursday 22/03/17) : The first of a series of lectures: This one to the BA Graphic Design students at The Winchester School of Art. Lecture will be based mainly around professional practice with some theory thrown in. Particularly, how a theory of photography can be applied to meet commercial objectives. 

Following this will be workshops at Modern Art Oxford and The Old Fire Station, Oxford. Details in due course.

The Jeff.

The full layout of the Mens' Health feature..

And.. production photos! (Courtesy of Jeff's Twitter feed..)

Съёмки для журнала Men's Health в своём номере #ГостиницаСалют. #MH #Монсон #спорт #мма #MonsonProductions @HotelSalut

— Jeff Monson (@JeffMonson) December 7, 2016


Note roll of all important gaffer tape on the bed. 

Please let's not talk about the food.